Saturday, October 9, 2010

.Arts and Stuffs.

First off, yay arts! (click on them to view the whole thing)

My semi-character Aster. I'm still completely unsure if I want to use her or not as a fursona. >_<
I'm making/printing my own Christmas cards this year, and these were to working designs for the front. Ended up not liking either of them so I'm still stuck on the drawing board.

My character Cirrus and my friend Mike's char Kyle making supper. Kinda stagnant poses though..
Working on Dillan's facial expressions and my consistency with characters in general.

From a weird dream I had. A dude holding a weird embryo thing, though I drew the guy way too skinny.
November cuddling her gryphon Eddie. I don't draw those two enough.

Fallon and Jäger

Abandoned Halloween pic ideas. I absolutely adore my friend Shara's char Goose.
I ended up going with this.

My hub's gryphon Jäger. He's a bamf.

Jenny hitching a ride on her superhuman serial killer's back. He's also a bamf.
A Liopleurodon!

My lovely, violent comedian Ozzo.

Tomai Rii
Dillan getting bugged by my sister's char TRPC.

I had to kill Dillan because he became a zombie and went after me. *cue violin music* I have to fix proportions badly.

Two finished Fallon pics.

Shara and I going bonkers over our vidjigame crushes.

An inside joke.

Some creature designs I adopted from someone for $1 and drew.

Kinda proud of this one.

We have gone a couple weeks now without rain. I'm very sad about this. At least it hasn't been too hot. It's been warm, almost to the point of being uncomfortable but not quite there. I wish it would hurry up and be Fall temperatures. Texas, I love you, but I hate your heat. I seriously do.

So we bought Halo Reach.. and know what? I haven't played a second of it. I want to so bad, but all the free time I get I usually draw during it because I've been hit by a small art bug. Which.. this is bitter sweet because I lurv it when I'm bit by art bugs, but dadgum I wanna play Halo. Thomas is playing it right now as I get this journal up.

Anyway, I'm realizing SNL just came on a few minutes ago so Imma go settle down and watch that.

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